ACOR: Airline Consulting Operations and Representation

Worldwide Services

Airline Representation, Supervision,
Operations and Consulting Services

A.C.O.R. provides services in Canada, USA, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Honduras, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Panama, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Cuba.

Our team will travel worldwide to any location, to assist you in setting up any ground operations, as per local regulations, catered to the sole requirement of your airline’s budget and specifications.

For the occasional traffic stop, or for the established program of the Scheduled or the Non-scheduled carrier, A.C.O.R. can provide the necessary assistance.

  • Representation and Supervision of all ground handling services and requirements worldwide
  • Airport ground operations
  • Flights Dispatch
  • Passenger Services
  • Legal Affairs
  • Government applications for permits and Traffic Rights
  • Crew Logistics
  • Transports and Accommodation as well as the required set up of any Station Logistics and services related...